Tholen and Voerman


The painting to the left is by Willem Bastiaan Tholen (1860-1931), dated 1921. It's named "Landschap bij Kampen" (Landscape near Kampen), 29.5 x 53 cm. The painting to the right is by Tholen together with Jan Voerman Sr (1857-1941), dated 1885, 40.5 x 63.5 cm. In Dutch it's named "Landschap met koeien" (Landscape with cows), but on Artnet it is called "Bringing home the cows" and on Blouin Art Sales Index it is referred to as "Bringing home cows". According to the Art Sales Index the painting is auctioned on October 29, 1991 as lot 19 - Phillips, Toronto, $ 3,191 USD.

In 1993 there was a Tholen exhibition at the Stedelijke Musea Gouda and the Drents Museum (the City Musea Gouda and the Drents Museum at Assen, both in The Netherlands) and at that occasion a book was published about the work of Tholen, including the following. Willem Bastiaan Tholen had been born in Amsterdam in 1860 but the family Tholen moved to Kampen in 1865. Soon Tholen and Jan Voerman became friends, both very interested in drawing and nature. They went to the same evening-school for drawing and after secondary school they went to the Rijksakademie (the Amsterdam academy) in 1876. In the early years to some extend they worked together and there is at least one painting (the picture to the right) that was painted jointly. Tholen was responsible for the landscape and Voerman for the farmer, cows and boy.

The similarity of both landscapes is staggering, taking into account that there is some 35 years between the paintings. Because of the similarity I'm very interested in both paintings so I welcome additional information by email.

Illustration at the site of Artnet
Source of pictures above: Art Galery Simonis and Buunk and the book published at the occasion of the 1993 Tholen-exhibition.