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Family tree of Georg Ferdinand Braskamp.

Georg Ferdinand Braskamp was born in Lenzen on the river Elbe, Germany, 14 December 1812.
At the
occasion of his registration as a conscript at Lünenburg Georg Ferdinand lived in Hannover and it is stated that his mother was called Anna Katharina Schilling. His father was "Brascamp französicher Offizier", a french officer called Brascamp. It is considered likely that this french officer was Willem Hendrik Braskamp who links the German branch with Engelbert Brascamp. Currently the German branch involves 32 individuals, distributed over 8 generations.

Georg Ferdinand Braskamp wurde in Lenzen auf dem Fluß Elbe, Dezember 14 1812 geboren.
Die Liste der Wehrpflichtigen der Stadt Lüneburg zeigt Georg Ferdinands Eltern: Seine Mutter Anna Katharina Schilling und sein Vater Brascamp, ein französicher Offizier. Georg Ferdinand wohnte dann in Hannover. Es wird als wahrscheinlich angesehen, dass dieser französische Offizier Willem Hendrik Braskamp ist, der die deutsche Zweig verbindet mit Engelbert Brascamp. Zur Zeit bezieht diese Teil des Stammbaums 32 Einzelpersonen mit ein, verteilt über acht Generationen.

generation VII
Anna Katharina Schilling
generation VIII
son of Anna Katharina Schilling
Georg Ferdinand BraskampLenzen 14-12-1812
generation IX
children of Georg Ferdinand Braskamp
Lüneburg 8-11-1840 Dorothea Wilhelmine Schimmelpfennig (2)
25-4-1847 Johanne Dorothea Hansen (4)
Carl Gottfried Theodor
Josephine Sophie Adolphine
Catharina Charlotte
Christian Johannes Andreas
Adolph Georg Ferdinand
Marie Emma
Lüneburg 30-12-1841
Lüneburg 19-12-1843
Lüneburg 17- 8-1848
Lüneburg 4- 4-1851
Lüneburg 19- 2-1856
Lüneburg 4- 3-1860
generation X
children of Carl Gottfried Theodor Braskamp
Lüneburg 18-10-1867 Anna Sopia Lüdemann
Marie Dorothee Margarethe
(Marie Margret) Peine
Adolph Ludwig Philipp
Dorothee Charlotte Sophie
Heinrich Franz Ludolf

Lüneburg 27-7-1868
Lüneburg 25-2-1870
Lüneburg 5-5-1872
Lüneburg 15-8-1880
children of Adolph Georg Ferdinand Braskamp
3-8-1880 Johanna Friederike Henriette Kahlke
Anna Johanna Flora
Emma Louise Jacobine
Ferdinand Ernst Adolph
Sophie Friederike Wilhelmine
Hamburg 31-12-1880
Hamburg 31-12-1880
Hamburg 1883
Hamburg 18- 1-1886
Hamburg 1887
Hamburg 1- 8-1890
generation XI
son of Heinrich Franz Ludolf (Franz) Braskamp
Owner hotel Am Schiessgraben Lüneburg, now Bergström
Lüneburg 5-12-1911 Martha Maria Margareta Schumann
Johannes Albert Karl Lüneburg 12-1-1915
children of Ferdinand Ernst Adolph Braskamp
Kaufmännischer Angestellter
14-4-1923 Johanne Emma Benseler
Hamburg 24- 5-1925
Hamburg 19- 9-1936
generation XII
Johannes Albert Karl (Hans) Braskamp
Lived in Bonn
Lüneburg 17-1-1942 Marta Wilhelmine (Helma) Eser
children of Herbert Braskamp
16-12-1947 Inge Marie Hansi Rehsöft
Hamburg 16- 4-1949
Hamburg 31- 8-1953
Hamburg 12- 1-1967
generation XIII
child of Jürgen Braskamp
Umwelt- und Freizeitpädagoge
30-7-1998 Susanna Malmsten
Sara 11-9-1998
children of Axel Braskamp
27-1-1984 Katrin Lipp
Hennstedt-Ulzburg 18-6-1982
Hamburg 18-12-1984
Hamburg 29- 9-1986
generation XIV
son of Nora Braskamp
partner of Michael Götz.
Married Kunz, with son Henri Kunz.
Ben Mika Tübingen 26-12-2009
daughter of Lea Braskamp
partner of Heiko Neubrand.
Lou Nürtingen 24-3-2020

Unknown Braskamps in and from Germany

Archiv für Sippenforschung/Namenverzeichnis 1944 shows on page 131 'Brascamp'. It may refer to a German Braskamp.

According to Anna Sporer Ancestry.com, Hamburg Marriages 1874-1920, there is a marriage of Anna Auguste Gretchen Spörer with August Albert Ferdinand Braskamp. Possibly this is Albert Braskamp, born Lüneburg 1875.

In 1905 Gottfried Braskamp, his wife Elisabeth and children Johanna and Elisabeth emigrated from Haltern to the US through Ellis Island. Johanna and Elisabeth are registered in Haltern as daughters of Gottfried Bröskamp and Elisabeth Bröskamp, as born 17-8-1903 and 15-11-1904, respectively. It is likely that Gottfried and Elisabeth are the couple which is registered in the 1930 US Federal Census as Fred Braskamp (born abt 1880 Germany) and Elizabeth (born about 1885 Germany) with children Beryamo (1909 North Dakota), Walter (1915 North Dakota) and Howard (1922 Minnesota), at South St Paul, Dakota, Minnesota. Gottfried and Elisabeth appear also in the 1940 US Census as Fred and Elizabeth Braskamp, and daughter Ella (35).

Other Braskamps from German origin in the US Federal Census records are:
Henry Braskamp (though the written text clearly looks like Braukamp), born Germany 1856, married Lizzie, born Ohio 1859. The couple had three children, born in Ohio, Harry (1885), Walter (1892) and Elsie (1895). US Census 1900 - Cincinnati Ward 23, Hamilton, Ohio.

John T. Braskamp, born about 1881 Germany, married Marie, born about 1882, children John (1913) en Hilda M (1916).
1930 St Louis, St Louis (Independent City) Missouri.
Inspecting the written text it happens to be John T. Boskamp.

Garritt Braskamp, born about 1874 Germany.
1920 East Jordan, Charlevoix, Michigan. The written text looks more like Boarkamp.

Teresa Brascamp (or Broscamp?), white, 58 years old, born Germany, living county Eau Clair, Eau Clair Wisconsin 615.
Census Wisconsin 1920

According to a paper on the history of the "3eme Grenadiers à Pied de la Garde Imperiale 1810-1813" a Braskamp served in the Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte during the campaign of 1812-1813 to Moscow. As described by Paul Dawson this Guard in part originated from the Royal Body Guard of Louis Bonaparte, when King of Holland. After moving to France in 1810, the regiment moved in February/April 1812 from Paris through Metz and Wurzburg to Dresden. To be more precise: On 20 February the Regiment started the march from Paris to Metz to leave Metz for Wurzberg as ordered by Napoleon on 18 March. The 14th September Napoleon entered Moscow to return at Vilnius 6th December 1812. A Braskamp was among the 12 officers who had disappeared since December 12 and did not return to France.
Through a
search in a database of the Dutch Institute for Military History it appears that there were two Braskamps that served in the Napoleon Army. The one is André (Andries) Braskamp son of Jan Braskamp and Maria Burggraaf and the other Willem Hendrik Braskamp, recorded als Guillaume Henry in the French military files, son of Jan Braskamp and Anna Winsser. For the time being it is felt more likely that Willem Hendrik is the founder of the German branch and not André, but more research in military archives may prove the situation otherwise. Through a reference in the Dutch record more information was retrieved about Willem Hendrik in the Military Archives at Chateau de Vincennes, Paris.

Service Historique de la Défense, Vincennes, Paris

This source and also the Dutch military sources give as date of birth of Willem Hendrik 9 December 1777. This is odd, because a Willem Hendrik was born in 1770 and married in 1792. On the other hand, the birth dates of children of Jan Braskamp and Anna Winsser allow a birth on this very 9 December 1777. The most likely hypothesis seems that Willem Hendrik for one reason or another gave not his real birth date to the military, perhaps because with his real age he wouldn't have been allowed to enter.The file in Vincennes reveils that Willem Hendrik served from 1807-1809 in Germany and in the Dutch province of Zeeland and that he served from 1809-1811 in Germany. After that, presumably in 1812, he joined the Napoleon Army to Moscow. Though the proof is a bit weak it is assumed that Willem Hendrik is indeed the founder of the German Braskamp branch and apparently in March 1812 Willem Hendrik and Katharina Schilling conceived Georg Ferdinand, born 14 December 1812.